AB interrupts.  “Now is a good time to point out that the System Director decided to let Key and Ace be legitimately resurrected in those moments for certain reasons.  The same will be true of several other Zombies Acer’s going to mention soon.  While this procedure usually results in a clone thinking they’re a historical fighter, as I said earlier, these were the exceptions.  Okay, keep going.”

    “Eh, you take over, Bud,” encourages Acer.

    He jolts a little, not expecting to be thrown into teaching mode, but Buddy Fox is eagerly willing to give his effort in teaching the kids.  “We can’t forget the mysterious Merjon, Master of Magic!”

    “Magic?!” Kammy Crystal gasps.  “System Guards are supposed to be a biblically based group.  What’s a user of witchcraft doing on the team?”

    This kills Buddy’s momentum.  “Uh…eh…well, does it help if he turned out to have a villainous side?  He didn’t become a complete baddie, but he brought many hardships upon himself and the team, until he basically learned his lesson after a humiliating defeat.”  So yeah, don’t do magic.  It’s evil.

    Gigi murmurs into her hand covering her face, “Oh my goodness, Kammy, we’re all going to die because of one overlooked detail.”  Luckily, no one heard Grace complaining, so we move on.

    Moving on, Buddy cheerfully mentions the Spectaculars.  “Well, honestly, I was going to name all of them, but the only ones that interest me are the cold clown Wind Chill, the Phillips and the Fredsons.  Lance Phillips is a rich inventor that made a special swimming suit to be able to keep up with his water-controlling sister Joan, called Wavera.  DJ and Saquishia Fredson are the fire-controlling Burner and Ovenia.  Lance turned out to be a pretty crucial figure with helping our team move forward in technology as time passed on.  Okay, that’s my part.  Who’s on now?”

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