The lead man continues, “You already know about Bud and me, and our siblings, of course.  There are our beloved droids, Spear and T-Bird.”

    “Don’t forget the Freedom Guards!” Buddy blurts out.

    “Oh yeah,” affirms Ace, “when archeologist Teddy Grinhold puts on his Bracelets of Might, he becomes the legendary Mr. Justice!  Also on the team is Mark Fanwell, the Galacticop, as well as Mark’s former trainee turned villain, though only for a while, the fiery Virginia Bonny, known as GC Bell.  There’s the boy genius who made his own super armor, the sword-wielding Watch Boy.  And then…you know the man…the shadow of Storyboard XL…Zombie.”

    Everyone goes, “Oooooo!”

    Ace holds up his index finger and clarifies, “But this is not Thomas Edison.  Long ago, he joined forces with a noble young man to defeat the evil Victor Grille.  Thomas told that officer of the Zombie program and made the statement, ‘Who knows?  Maybe you’ll be the next Zombie someday.’

    “Little did Edison know that his joke would become a reality.  Key, the one who defeated Grille, was the Zombie of our period.  This shouldn’t surprise you too much, though.  I’ll tell you right now that around the time the XI System Guards came to our storyboard, I even got my turn at being a Zombie.  It’s not nearly as bad as you think.  You’re back to life and normal.  You’re simply required to dress like a ninja all the time, hooptie do.”

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