“Oh, so it’s like that?  We’re gonna’ fight in front of the kids?” Dana inquires.

    “You know it.  Bring it on!  Right here!”  Eva takes a goofy fighting stance and the two exchange a few ridiculous kung-fu swats before bursting into laughter.  “Okay, seriously, I’m Eva Fox, Buddy’s tortured sister, and my super skill is a heightened fighting prowess.  I wasn’t as polished as our friend Ake, but my natural talent was still an amazing blessing.  Okay so, do we just jump into the Happy War now?”

    Acer thinks for a second.  “I supposed it all started when we encountered three college flunkies who thought it’d be fun to vandalize a local landfill, only to accidentally get superpowers.  It happens.  I mean, we had met and helped the alien Rock Wain before that, but his adventure was brief and not pertinent to the story.”

    Duplica takes Acer’s moment of deciding where to start as an opportunity to let the kids get their brains together for a second after all the stories so far.  “Does anyone have any questions or comments about what you’ve learned so far?”

    Elfie raises his hand and asks the group about their relation to the SUSIE project.

    “That’s a very good question,” whispers new girl Tiffany.  “I was wondering that myself.”

    Much to Faye’s chagrin, Elf blushes and fumbles to thank Tiff for her compliment.

    “Acer, sir,” the new student begins as she decides to follow her friend’s lead, “could you tell us more about your elemental powers?”

    His explanation is given but barely remembered as everyone notices the eager hand that shoots up next.  It’s Faye’s, and she’s got a question.  Of course, it’s obvious this was a random something she simply made up to get in on the conversation.  When Tiffany asked her question, Elf repaid her earlier compliment with one of his own.  When Faye gave her inquiry, all she got was a sympathetic, “Well, at least you tried,” from Cici who easily figured out what is going on.

    In irritation, Faye thoughtfully mutters to herself, “It’s all in your head, girl.  Elfie’s your boy, so he’s not going to get taken away by some new kid.”

    Acer is ready to try again.  “I guess the best strategy would be to tell you about some of the good guys, then about some of the villains we faced, and then with the players set, we can go into the Happy War.”

    Dana asks, “Ace, do you need me to tell the story?”

    Putting his hands up, Acer defends his decision, “I got this, kid.  Don’t you worry.”

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