After this long briefing on the connection between previous stories you’ve read and those included in this volume, we finally meet the group from the picture at the beginning of this chapter.  We have siblings Acer, Charlie and Dana Darcy along with Buddy Fox and his sister Eva.  Upon arrival, these five are asked to say a little something about themselves.

    The first starts.  “My name is Ace Darcy, and when I started out, I had the ability to use any element I was physically touching.  However, with some intense training, I was able to improve this to control all the smaller elements like hydrogen and oxygen, thus eventually working my way to being an Infinite.”  For new readers, this is referring to an Infinite Warrior, beings able to do almost anything.  Don’t worry; only God is omnipotent.

    Next is Bud.  “I’m Buddy Fox, and I started out with a strength-based power set.  I could run at super speed or even fly out of sheer strength.  Of course, with infinite strength, you can see how I ended up joining the I-Team soon enough, heh heh.”

    Charlie speaks.  “The name’s Lightning, The Lightning.  Ha ha, but you can call me Charlie.  That’s just the codename I chose when I got older.  While these two and Eva were going about, fighting baddies, Dana and I were the two little kids stuck back at the base.  I did have super speed though, and I could rip it up!  My new name comes from the fact that, as a teen, I was able to use my speed to create enough friction to shoot lightning, or something like it.  Pretty cool, yeah?  That still didn’t put me on par with the Infinites.  It took me quite a long time to reach that level.  Still, I’ve noticed a lot of people using my mask design since my day, well mine and Mr. Justice’s.”

    The younger of the two ladies is next.  “Thanks for calling me out, Charlie.  Yep, I’m the youngest here.  With these teenage monsters beating up villains and the nine-year-old speedster dashing around the base, I was the one who stood out, totally, ha ha!”

    “Totally!” Keb agrees with her kindred spirit.

    “Thanks, Kebber!  So, like I was saying, as a six-year-old kid, I was a super genius.  My favorite memory will always be sitting at the base computer, having a conversation with government officials during a worldwide war while I’m making preparations to have a virtual fighter infiltrate enemy territory and here comes my babysitter, Mr. Randy, with my box juice drink, straw already put in place.  I was so embarrassed as the bigwigs tried not to laugh at what I just know was an adorable scene for such an unnaturally intelligent and mature child.  Okay, Neva Eva, it’s your turn.”

    “Yeah, as in you Eva gonna’ give up the spotlight?” now the teasing sparks fly.

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