“Oh!” says Gigi.  “So, in this storyboard, Ollie survives?”

    Keb clarifies, “Spoiler alert: in the original SBVII story, Olivia survives her fate that’s implied at the end of that story, and she finally grows out of her cruel stage, though lost in America as an orphan.  In this storyboard, since things didn’t go so well for Rue, or Victoria, Ollie’s own guilt was enough to change her heart.”

    If you’re confused at all the references so far, reader, then you’ll have to check these stories out here on our website.  You can find Starter Key, Grave Debate and Little Deli Island in our movie and game areas.  Back to AB.

    “So, with power comes the temptation to abuse it, and that’s exactly what happened to Nathaniel Harrison.  Though he started out with good intentions of simply helping people, the thought of money and political control was too strong for him, and in the end, Nate found himself in prison.  This left his lovely Donna Mitchelson all alone.  But then again, she found someone else to keep her company.

    And that is when SUSIE was officially born.  This stands for Secret Unit Zombie Elite and is a fully operational program of using the revival and brainwashing technique used on Donna’s good friend Thomas Edison to make a complete fighting force of Zombies.  The era that we have entered is the next generation when the Children of SUSIE emerge.  These are human offspring of the clones falsely identify as the resurrected.  Of course, part of the SUSIE program involved genetic enhancements that resulted in a wave of superchildren, and THAT’S who we’re going to meet today.  This is the team of kids Donna Mitchelson helped train to be some of the greatest superheroes of this storyboard.”

    Elfie whispers to Faye, “This is a lot to keep up with.”

    Nodding in agreement, she quietly assures him, saying, “If you miss anything, you know you can borrow my notes later.”

    Lightly bumping her elbow with his, he smiles and says, “That’s a great plan.  You’re promoted from secretary to…well, secretary, I guess.”

    She giggles.  “Do I get a raise, boss?”

    Having anticipated this opportunity to use the pun, he gleefully declares, “Absolutely!  I’m raising your pay from nothing to absolutely nothing.”

    After a good, long laugh, Faye finally notices the lecture has stopped because of her.  “Uh, sorry.  I’ll do better.”  She then whispers to Elf, “That was funny, but you got me in trouble, he he!”

    As Elf apologizes, he feels an unfamiliar presence hovering over him.  It’s Cici putting her arms around the two.  “Hey, don’t sweat it, guys.  You’re not in trouble.  Just pay better attention.”

    They arrive.

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