“Now, hurrying so we can get to our first set of visitors, Officer Key’s weapon was a sword much like our SG blades, fashioned after the System’s illustrative representation of the Sword of the Spirit.  Once Grille was defeated, Jackson went on to find a way to atone for his gross immaturity that had cost the life of teammate Molly.  He became a scientist himself and replicated the swords on a massive scale.  This led to an era ruled by XL’s version of System Guards, though they didn’t go by this name.  Eventually, corruption set in, leaving the world under the tyranny of hypocrites who abused these weapons.  Sadly, once this was undone, society overreacted and launched every sword they could find into space, and these weren’t recovered until centuries later, if ever.  I can’t remember, ha ha!

    “A few millennia after Jackson’s day, a new scientist named Nathaniel Harrison came across the resurrection science on his own and turned this into a very lucrative business, resulting the supposed revival of several lives, including that of his childhood friend Donna Mitchelson and of the descendant of XL’s version of Olivia Patterson of Little Deli Island.  He even brought back Edison again, though without the Zombie training.”

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