“This team included five of the villain’s former experiments as well as the first of the Zombies I keep mentioning.  There was the aquatically adapted Sea Dude, the dwarf-like Ragnerols and the lovely Lady Spectacular who was a former spy turned into Grille’s super soldier.  When she was rescued by Zombie, she determined to avenge her beloved friend Tina.  Hmm, I wonder who Lady Spectacular could be.

    “Now, about Zombie, the government had begun a bizarre, experimental program based on cloning technology.  They took the remains of the famed Thomas Edison and used advanced cloning methods to add new tissue, organs, muscles, etc., to his decayed form.  They then reanimated the new body and programmed this new being to have all the memories of Edison as best as the scientists could emulate based on historical record.  From there, they gave this new soldier special combat training and unleashed their ultimate spy into the world, following their every command, of course.  Some people may doubt the wisdom in choosing Edison as the first subject, but that was the government’s choice, so oh well.”

    While AB mentions this part of things, Kammy Crystal raises her hand with a very important question, though she is asking it more for the group than for herself, since she personally has a general idea of the answer.  “AB, sir, does this mean that the government actually brought back Thomas Edison from the dead?”

    “Very good question!”  AB is quite impressed.  “While anyone involved in these procedures would claim that the man has been resurrected, I’m here to tell you that rebuilding a corpse doesn’t pull the soul back into this realm.  That’s true in the real world and in the System.  The most you could do is end up creating a new creature that thinks it’s someone else, but you can’t bring back the original person.  For that matter, I don’t personally believe clones would be living souls, since they’re not made by humans, but since they have human anatomy, they could probably have genuinely human offspring.  Weird, huh?  Of course, this doesn’t matter to a PAC because both organic and mechanical sentient beings go to the Drawing Board if they are good thoughts.  Also, I will give you a spoiler now by saying the System Director allowed for some exceptions to this false resurrection method, but we’ll address that when we get there.

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