“Kammy,” Faye utters, “why do we fight so much?”

    Crystal’s shoulders droop as she thinks about this sad truth.  “I get too serious and picky.  I don’t mean to be that way.  You two are really good friends, even if I do a bad job of saying so.  Faye, I was terrified when I thought that Powered was going to hurt you.”

    Grace points out, “Kam, you and Faye are two sides of the same token.  She’s afraid the boys won’t like a geeky girl, so she pretends to be ditzy.  You’re afraid of the same thing, so you pretend not to care.  What would happen if you both chilled out a bit and learned from each other what it’s like to balance being smart with being pretty and girly?”

    “Yeah, Kam,” agrees Faye Worley, “even more than that, you’re like a mirror of both Grace and myself.  You have my brains and my good looks combined with Grace’s power and, well, her height.  I don’t like either of you for that, ha ha ha!  I totally think the three of us could be a force to be reckoned with, but only if we let the Bible be our motivation instead of peer pressure and our emotions.”

    Grace puts her hand out, “Then, just like AB, James Scott and A.J. Scar, we are going to be the New Three.  Yah?”

    The other two put their hands over Gigi’s and cheerfully join in, “The New Three!”

    And that is how we’ll end this story, with a great potential that will be expounded upon in the next exciting tale of our kids from the Dogwood Galaxy.  Everyone still has a lot to learn, young and old alike, so you will have to be sure to return to keep cheering the team on.  As Duplica seeks to be the best teacher she can be, as Gigi seeks to be a good friend and patient soldier of Christ, and as Entoni Franklin seeks to follow in his forerunner’s footsteps of being a wise and compassionate leader among the System Guards, the long road ahead will be difficult, but it will also be very exciting and worth the journey.

    Won’t you travel with us?

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