Speaking of older, it seems Grandpa has shown up to check on the faculty.  AB sees Cat and her friends laughing as they’re continuing the nonsensical argument they’d begun moments earlier, only changing the subject of their comedy routine as a new victim shows up.

    “Ah, going classic I see,” says Cat, concerning AB’s attire.

    “Indeed,” he responds, “what are you weirdos up to, kid?”

    “Duplica’s coming to terms with getting fired,” says Ally.

    AB excitedly slams his fist in the palm of his other hand and joyfully declares, “It’s about time!  What’d she do now?”

    “It’s persecution really,” claims his descendant.  “They’re all ashamed they can’t measure up to my level of kindness.”

    “I see,” AB solemnly says.  “Your old age is making you delusional, so they have to retire you.  What a shame.  You can always live with us on Juniper.  There’s no better place to retire.”

    Cat reaches for a tiny, virtually weightless rock and tosses it at AB.  “Why would I want to live there with such a grumpy, rude grandpa?  My heart would break from all the abuse.”

    Catching the rock and tossing it back, Ant retorts, “Yeah right, you’d spend all your time in the food and trade district.  Speaking of which, how long did it take you to finish the rest of the macaroni?”

    Her face turning red, Mrs. Rug simple clears her throat and asks how the old System Guards are doing, referring to the Milky Way branch.

    “AB, sir,” interrupts Jo, “do you want to know the worst part of Cat’s gluttony?  She didn’t even share any of the leftovers with us.  Now, do you see why we have to fire her?”

    Rubbing her cheeks, Ally playfully whines, “She shared some with me.  No, wait; that was only a dream I had after I cried myself to sleep because she was sooooo greedy.”

    Lady Duplica gives her retort, which is followed up by this joke and that, and thus they go on.  You know, AB did come to check on his descendant for a particular reason, but the buffoonery has made him forget.  Oh, well.  Meanwhile, the other adolescents continue to spar and read the Bible.  Now, that is how you do it, right?  As the girls occasionally look up to watch the boys go at it, they keep encouraging one another, determining not to go back to their old pestering habits.

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