“Hey, are you soldiers ready to go fight the others?” Cat yells to her kids as she brushes back her naturally black hair which will soon regain its dark green glow once she dons her SG armor, just like Grandpa AB’s hair with his armor.  Duplica is super excited because Doug is off today and will be accompanying his family to a fun outing with their goofy friends.  I hope you are just as stoked as they are.  The eager trio zoom to meet their brave leader, all assuring they are ready to go.  “Have I ever told you guys how proud I am of you all?  You lot have been teaching me things, just as I have been teaching you.  Who knows?  Maybe I’ll stop being so careless and brash if I hang around you kids long enough.”  With this, Cat confidently puts her fists on her hips and gives a big smile as she looks forward to being a bit more patient and wise.

    Cat insta-changes into her green look and teleports the group to the local park to meet the others.  There, we see the Meyers, Paul and his mom, as well as Faye’s mother Ally.  Everyone exchanges the hellos, and the kids soon gravitate to their own space so they can chill and battle a bit.  The boys zoom off to the left while the girls stay put, having lost the urge to fight as they’ve begun a good girl talk.

    “So, I’ve been reading my Bible, in James and the books of Peter, memorizing more verses having to do with patience,” says Kamron.  “What have you two been reading?”

    “Um,” says a sheepish Faye, “A lot.”

    “How much is that, silly?” asks Kam.

    “Well,” Faye says as if she’s done something wrong, “in the last two weeks, I’ve been reading and rereading the book of Proverbs, the entire book.  Actually, I keep skipping chapter thirty-one each time because I don’t want to get distracted with anything that might make me think about dating right now.  Obviously, I’m not afraid of the chapter.  I’m just doing a better job of, I guess you could say, kind of fasting.  I’m fasting the subject of dating so I can be a normal human being.  I had to kindly tell Mom to stop teasing me about Elfie, but she was sweet and understanding.  Also, my grades are doing so much better, too!”

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