“Fate,” Faye mutters to herself, “I wish I hadn’t lied on my enrollment about having a middle name.  Now, I’m stuck thinking about Destiny and about Tiffany every time I hear it.  Guess I deserve it for being dishonest.”

    Not hearing the girl’s complaining session, Kammy Meyers submits her theory.  “You know, if Jeko was all the hype Grille made her out to be, it’s possible that her attitude toward Arion Jekel is different.  I mean if she were programmed to think that her existence was making the mime guy proud, she might see Grille’s lamentation as a malfunction and strike him down in the name of their master.  OR if she also has Allure’s way of thinking added to her brain, her desires may have changed altogether.  I mean, really, if I had gone a full millennium of not being detected and had to babysit my dad because he was too weak and simple to cover his own tracks, and if I were able to easily outdo ‘the greatest being in history,’ maybe I might have the brains to realize that it’s time to stop floundering over the past and move on to the hour of an even greater being.  That’s how I would see it if it were me.”

    Looking deep into her eye, Owan interrogates her.  “ARE you Jeko?  You have always seemed quite dangerous to me.”

    Placing the tips of her fork on his cheek as a warning, she says, “I won’t need to be Jeko if you don’t get out of my bubble.  I love you.”  This earns her a round of laughs.

    “Quite frankly, none of you can be Jeko,” clarifies their teacher.  “I made sure to update the settings of our security and have scanned you all.  Congratulations on not randomly bursting into a light of death.  Now, let’s stop accusing each other and wallowing in regret.  Let’s just enjoy the food and the company of friends and family!”  This is exactly what the class does for the rest of the day, or for as long as their stomachs can take.

    We leave the scene for now and catch back up with the group two weeks later, allowing them time to adjust to life after learning new lessons and applying them to everyday living.  As we return for another visit, we see the Rug children and Faye outside of the Rug residence, flying around and sparring like there’s no tomorrow, though with proper safety equipment to account for the guys versus girls detail.

    “Girls, this totally isn’t fair!” protests Elfie.  “You can’t be a team anymore.”

    “Ha ha!  Did you hear that, Gracie?” asks Faye.  “The mighty captain is losing his edge!”

    Grabbing him from behind, the sister taunts, “Aw, is the baby scared of us?”

    Elf laughs as he must admit he is at this point in their career.  “You girls are impressive now that you’ve got a working attack routine.  I think it’d be safer for me if we worked on trio attacks rather than have me be the target all day.”

    “Sure,” says Grace Grace, “if that’s how you feel about it, you poor dear.”  She and Faye high five in their triumphant victory.

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