“Oh, yeah!”  Cat bursts out in excitement.  “Guys, I forgot about a last-minute surprise I had for you.  This cute creature is our newest student whom I thought would brighten the atmosphere on the trip.  Introduce yourself hon, and welcome to the class!”

    “Thank you, Lady Duplica,” says this girl.  “My name is Tiffany Stulmuch, from the Planet X System Guard colony, and I’m hoping my selection of colors from the uniform machine isn’t too wild for you, ha ha!  I just like pink and orange.”

    While Cat explains the circumstances surrounding the sudden entry of this new lass, the other kids greet her with a mix of friendliness from the boys and restrained disapproval from the girls concerning this apparent color clash.  Amid this greeting, the only girl not to show discontent whispers into Tiffany’s ear.

    “Tiff,” whispers Faye T., “do you like chocolate tots?”

    With a slight chuckle, the witty response is shot back.  “Uh, yah, who doesn’t?”

    Faye takes Tiffany by the hand and leads her away from the group.  “Then while we still have a few minutes, why don’t I show you where you can find some.  I’ll also show you my other favorite snacks.  We can’t have you starving or lacking in even an ounce of our culinary gold in this cafeteria, right?”

    The two girls then hurry down the hall, laughing and talking along the way, while the others look on in confusion.  As the teachers soon announce that the trip will be starting soon with the impending arrival of the Asteroid Siblings, the snack hunters return, having made a side trip along the way.

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