After this is spoken, a new creature of death appears.  This massive green and black creation, designated as the legendary Ultimate Machine, slowly approaches Max and AB.  He speaks.  “I’ve no need for you.  Erasure shall be swift.”

    Understanding the implications of the situation, the Antis surprise everyone by attacking this thing.  Six of the seven Anti-Guardians charge at the monstrosity, but all six simply cease to exist the moment they touch him.  This is the end of the System.

    “I’m sorry,” Max confesses, “but death does a funny thing to a man.  For all these schemes, I in my anger envy you.  I do these things to convince myself that everything you believe in is a lie.  You always find a way to prove me wrong.  I’ve even betrayed my Melody, and yet…she and Eulogy….  I still didn’t get it, and now, I’ve brought the end upon us all.  I’ve failed them, and this time there is no mercy.”

    Elf, Grace, Faye, Owan, Kammy and Paul watch as the two forces at the center of all this finally stand as brothers.

    “Two-Shoes,” asks Max, “Do you realize what that thing is?  It is the combination of you, myself and all the other Guardians and Anti-Guardians.  That is why we stand no chance.  All the same, for the sake of our loved ones, mainly yours since I have so few, I offer you my power.  If we combine, I’m sure my tainted heart will ruin you, so….”

    This said, Ultimax extracts his power, returning him to a normal human being for the first time in about four years, XI time.  He looks at it, feeling alone and weak, but then he hastily looks around for Melody and Keb.  As he lays eyes on the former, he sees her smiling at him with a look he hasn’t seen since before his change.  He knows this is right.  The powerless Ant holds out his hand and places his device within AB’s grasp.  “It’s all yours now, Two-Shoes.”

    Tank, the Ultimate Machine, pauses.  “I shall allow you this moment, so that all may watch the demise of their greatest hope.”

    AB holds Max’s power within his hand, staring at it as he prepares to add it to his own.  “No.”  He takes a deep breath and destroys it within his clenched fist.  The powers of the Ultimate Maximum are no more, and Astro Bomber is forced to face the Ultimate Machine alone.

    However, with the crushing of the offered power, everything changes.  Everything around us rushes away like smoke in the wind.  Tank is gone, along with this evil System Director.  Max is no more, along with Melody and Eulogy.  In fact, all the evil forces are removed.  Everyone is safe, including reformed villains like SBD Keb, and AB stands victorious.  This was the test of the Ultimate Machine.  AB’s entire life was preparing him for this one decision, and he passed with flying colors!  And, since he and James Scott proved they are ready to lead the System Guards, they finally get those upgraded armors you often see them wearing when hosting their various lessons.  Well, wasn’t that a lovely story.

    The End.

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