AB angrily watches everyone suffering while they argue.  “Max, what part of your personal trauma gives you the authority to torture everyone like this and yet call yourself some kind of hero?”

    “I am no hero!  I’m just a shadow formed by the neurological process transpiring in some child’s brain!  I’ve no soul, no standard of right or wrong!  Look at all these that served so faithfully.  Some paradise!  And behold, the Anti-Guardians, epitome of my wrath.  Shall you have me believe they were dwelling within the sacred plains of the Drawing Board, only to be released once again upon your precious System to continue their annihilation of all life?  Either they are living proof that morals have no meaning in this imaginary world, or they serve to justify my cause in destroying everything that distracts my master the System Director from living his life without his childhood fantasies getting in his way.  And you, Astronomical Bomber, the only way you’re going to free them is to set the Drawing Board back to how it was.  At this point, you’ll never convince me that you’ve not the resolve to slaughter millions if need be.  So, what will you do, Two-Shoes?”

    This odd nickname, short for the name Goody Two-Shoes is what Max always mockingly calls his rival in moments like this.  AB realizes he is hesitating on this decision.  He doesn’t have a problem with sending all the deceased back to the Drawing Board.  He knows they will appreciate it.  His fear is that, as Max is hoping for, AB using his authority to wipe out a virtually infinite amount of lives by sending them back to the grave will give him a taste of power that he does not feel he is able to bear.  Not only this, but AB also fears that this betrayal of their trust by ripping them out of their paradise might have even worse complications for the state of the Drawing Board and its occupants after everything is put back together.

    AB pauses and thinks about what to do.  The only thing he can do is reach out.  While not meaning to disrespect the author, Astro Bomber knows a higher authority is needed, and thus AB prays.  I’ll remind you that, even though they’re imaginary, every prayer the SG’s make is essentially a representation of this author actually praying, “Lord, what should I write next?”  I’m sure you can see how the answer, thereby, would be just as genuine.

    Apparently satisfied with the answer from the True Author, AB then turns his attention to the human writer.  “Mr. Director, with all due respect, despite the theatrical intent of the scenario, the grade of maintenance required for the Drawing Board and its tenants is at the level of your jurisdiction.  I’m requesting your direct assistance, sir.”

    So yes, while I do it as little as possible to avoid making the critics unhappy, due to the level of severity, I’m going to personally close and mend the Drawing Board.  I’ll also make sure the “deaders,” as I call them, are all well-taken care of so that this traumatic experience doesn’t ruin what I’ve made for them.  I will remind you that this event happened around 2010, so I can tell you none of the deaders feel any less safe in the Drawing Board than they did back then.  No, I didn’t brainwash them to think that.

    At any rate, the main problem is solved, though I’ll reward my formerly deceased SGs with the option to stay alive, if they so desire, to make up for this disruption to their vacation plans.  That just leaves the issue of Max’s forces and the Antis to deal with.  Or at least, that would be the case, if not for the quickly swelling thunderhead over there.  You don’t see that big, black cloud forming?  You don’t hear Max laughing sinisterly?

    “I’m impressed that you weren’t dense enough to believe that I could somehow control life and death within this universe.  I just happened to realize that, for all the storyboards with our struggle of the Spirit and the flesh, these all stemmed from a common source.”

    AB looks at the approaching evil.  Everyone present turns to see this.  Even the kids stop fighting.

    Gracie realizes who this new foe is and expresses her disbelief.  “Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me.  There’s an evil version of the System Director, too?  Don’t y’all think this is getting out of control?!”

    The one really behind the emptying of the Drawing Board speaks.  “The Ultimate Maximum, the Astronomical Bomber, a house divided cannot stand.  Tank shall show you.  He is the Ultimate Machine.”

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