“Alright,” AB starts, “what I’m about to show you is fairly common among the SG’s, but if you know how to use this thing, it’ll be the most powerful weapon you’ve got.  If you’re far enough along in your cadet training to have access to this feature in your suit, you can activate the sword by simply holding your hand out flat and extending the pinky and thumb to form the would-be hilt of the sword.  Your glove will lock your hand in a very comfortable position while the energy sword is activated.  From there, you can use it as you need until your suit will know when you’re genuinely ready to put it away.  In fact, the technology is designed to purge wickedness, so if you accidentally hit yourself or a comrade, you won’t get hurt.  If anything, this is what you want to use first on a brainwashed friend to cleanse them.  However, if you goof around with it, the suit will know and deactivate the sword to avoid childish abuse.”

    Informing Duplica of his decision, AB allows Elf to test his sword-summoning skills, much to the boy’s irrepressible joy.  Ent Rug even quickly deduces that both hands can wield energy blades at the same time.  That means some robots are going down!

    When all is going well for Elfie, he feels a small, warm frame bash into him.

    “ELFIE!  Watch where you’re flying with that thing!”  Faye was having the time of her life, zipping and zapping, phasing in and out so that the droids following her had no chance of keeping up with her teleporting style of fighting when she crashed into Entoni.

    “Faye,” he says frantically, “I’m so sorry!  Are you okay?  You don’t have to worry about these swords.  AB told me they only hurt bad guys.”

    Scowling at his hands, Faye roars, “Is that what he told you?  Then what do you make of that?!” Faye points to the clash between classic AB and his arch-enemy Ultimax.

    Elf watches the two giving what is literally the greatest fight in imaginary history, but he verbally expresses that he doesn’t see the point Faye is trying to make.

    “Entoni,” she says with a great sigh, “please stop being dense and look more closely!”

    Before the conversation can go any further, however, the droids remind the kids that they are present.  Thus, the two quickly work together for a beautiful display of cooperative combat until Gracie slips over to join the party.  “Elf, we’re twins, let’s act like it.”  Her brother gets the message and the two put their natural teamwork skills to the test.  In the end, all three make a very lovely trio that turns the droids to scrap.  More will show up, but the kids at least have a moment to breathe.

    Gigi was close enough to hear Faye’s plight, so she is able to help Ent see the problem.  “Bro, look at Ultimax’s hand.  He’s using a laser blade just like AB’s.”

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