With his beloveds returned to him, Max went back to his initial plan of bringing all of the strongest storyboards together for destruction that would surpass all others.  However, this wouldn’t just be the boring old “everyone died and it was sad” type of war.  Oh no, if anyone suffered…it would all be AB’s fault.  So, what did Ultimax do?  Though it took time to find a way to perform this trick, Ultimax actually succeeded in breaking down the barriers of the Drawing Board.  Ultimax discovered a way to revive every person in history!  He then brought everyone together for an eternal confrontation that would never end, with peace never returning to this universe…unless AB made the decision to close the Drawing Board, thereby ending the lives of trillions upon trillions across an endless number of Storyboards.

    However, a few things Max didn’t account for came along to ruin his day.  Though evil thoughts cease to exist completely when they die, the Antis were somehow revived.  You can imagine how this complicated things severely.  But before we continue, we should check on our kids.

    “Huff, huff,” Kammy and Gigi find themselves backed into a corner.  They look at each other and nod in agreement.  Holding hands, they fly around in a quickly spinning circle and fire a set duet of laser beams that create a deadly fan of energy to slice all the droids to pieces.

    Elsewhere, Owan voices his annoyance at Paul’s superspeed advantage while the former is depending on his fists to keep him safe.  That is when AB lands beside him.  “You know, kid, with your name being Owan and all, I don’t think James will mind me stealing his thunder and teaching you one of his moves.”

    Oh boy, does Owan light up when he hears this!  AB begins the lesson, but realizes the grave crime he’ll commit if he does.  “Crimson Prince, don’t you think you should do the honors?  This isn’t just for the kid, your descendant, but this is your big debut of the move for the IMT folks to see.”

    “Sure!”  Yup, James Scott himself joins the scene long enough to show us his most powerful weapon.  “And seeing how I’m visiting the past—there I go over there to the left—I figured I’d put on the old outfit for nostalgia.  SO, here we go.  Hold your hands flat together and extend your paired thumbs.  Fold your index and pinkie fingers in so that the nails are against one another, and you’ve got yourself a genuine Crimson Cannon!  Alright, with that done, I’m heading back to the future.”

    Of course, Owan stops him, and the two share a small bit of chit chat before the boy continues his battle, now firing his pitiful Crimson Cannon everywhere.

    “Now, I can’t let James have all the fun, can I?” AB thinks aloud to himself.  Thus, he rushes over to Elf and shouts, “Hey, Elf, come here so I can show you a move and feel included, ha ha!”

    Not catching the joke, Elfie eagerly zooms over to his ancestor and watches AB teach him how to use a standard System Sword.

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