“What’s going on?!” Faye cries as everyone is left fending for themselves.”

    “Mommy,” screams a furious Gigi, “I told you this would happen!”

    Even the three speakers and two teachers are now busy fighting this barrage of droids.  What an unexpected turn of events!  Well, Duplica and I did see this potentially happening, so you will understand if I take over the lesson, since the kids have already learned what I’m about to tell you.

    As stated by young Entoni, Max acquired his new set of companions, which included his new version of Melody.  This wasn’t what you might think, however, as Miss had absolutely no emotion to her whatsoever.  Calling themselves the Anti-Guardians, the group had nothing but cold, machine-like hearts that desired only one thing, the end of the System, including themselves.  After reviewing the history of the imagination, they saw the only solution was to wipe everything out to clean the author’s mind of iniquity.  This is what allured Max to them as this was his initial desire until his own feelings got in the way, some of these being selfish while some of them might have been genuine.  At any rate, this was his ticket to being a true hero again.

    However, this turned out to be Max’s biggest mistake.  The most nightmarish of the Antis were Thanatos and Monster.  While the latter was a superpower capable of crumbling multiple Infinites in his hands with ease, the former, Thanatos, is one of few individuals in the mind of this author that strikes as much fear into the hearts of the System Guards as much as Ultimax or Arion Jekel himself.  The man with the eyes of death captured many an SG and brainwashed them to join his Blood Red Army, and it was this Anti that turned the others against Max himself, deeming him too fleshly to be a righteous leader.  Thus, the very one who started all of this was destroyed by the man called Thanatos.

    However, as the heroes were able to bring the Antis down, one-by-one, it was revealed near the end that Max was still alive.  In the bitter struggle between the two, Thanatos seemed to prevail when two other beings appeared to hold the fiend still.  It was Melody and Eulogy!  Having forgiven their wayward master, the duo explained that the System Director brought them back as a mercy to the conflicted Ultimax to help him sort things out.  Having then vanquished Thanatos, Max’s greatest riddle was set in motion, with AB once again being the unfortunate guinea pig.

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