“Max thus deemed his team of seven defunct, seeing how he just wiped out his most important members.  He then found that the actual Guardians, as in James Scott and the like, each had their own Ultimax versions out there somewhere.  In other words, while AB had Ultimax to worry about, James and A.J. Scar would soon have to deal with Thanatos and A.J.’s rival with the boringly unoriginal name Jekel.  In the end, you had AB, James Scott the Crimson Prince, A.J. Scar, Pac the Creature, Patriarch, Amy Scott and Missy Millennia up against Ultimax, Thanatos, Jekel, Monster, Chess, Wing of Terror and Miss.”

    Elf takes a second to catch his breath.

    Keb cheers him on.  “You’re doing well, my man!”

    “Thanks!”  With this boost of morale, he starts another round of lecturing, but is interrupted by a most undesired event.  The team is suddenly surrounded by machines they have never seen before!

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