“Must be interesting having a robot for a girlfriend,” Owan nonchalantly lets out.

    “Oh, I’m not a robot.”  Ata knew this would come up.  “My dad was originally a machine made with some biological engineering, with many of us either being made with a similar construction, or being genetically engineered clones with cybernetic enhancements.  You could say I’m a modified human with a robot for a dad, ha ha!  Of course, most of his bodies now are more mechanical than biological whereas the rest of us typically have what we started with ages ago, since we simply digitize to safety when in danger.  Seriously, we were practically immortal until A-Tron had to go and hack it all to pieces!”

    Jo Meyers doesn’t want things getting off track with funky explanations, so she asks the folks about their adventure.  Also, Jo doesn’t want Ata knowing too much about the class’s time-traveling trick.

    Realizing they’ve been dawdling through what is apparently supposed to be an interview about the adventure, Ron starts off.  “Oh, stink!  Where should I even start?  You already know about how I was just chilling on my own when this ninja jumped on me, trying to kill me, but then offered to help me find my origins just because I look like her dad.  While we were doing that, Patrick was being recruited by the guy named Patriarch you mentioned to find the rest of us siblings.  He first located Pac in his millionaire mansion, then found Deadra in a nearby suburb.  Rowan and his girl Mandy were members of a civilization living deep within some rain forest.  This is why I like to call them Jungle James and Tiger Girl.  Aaron, on the other hand, had been raised to be a ninja like Ata, but with the whole lifestyle and everything as opposed to this kid just being like, ‘Oh, I fight with a sword.  I must be a ninja.’”

    Drawing her blade out of nowhere, she voices her distaste of this comparison.  “Ron, you’d better reword that, or I’ll give you a haircut that won’t grow back!”

    Daring her with his eyes, he says, “Go ahead.  I’ll never be able to date you if I’m dead.”

    She puts her sword back and huffs.

    “I don’t understand her,” Kammy mutters.  “No wonder Faye gets along with her so well already.”

    “Wait,” says Gigi, “you two have hogged all the talking.  If Patrick’s the one who’s been doing all the work, shouldn’t he be telling the story, not to mention poor Milleni just standing there, all quiet like.”

    Elf nails this like a pro.  “You should take notes from Milleni, Gi.  You’ll graduate earlier.”

    While the sly brother pulls out his device to add another point to his score, Gigi’s accurate observation is acknowledged by the tall young man.  “I don’t mind,” Patrick says.  “You were asking about Ata, so it makes sense the conversation would focus on these two for a while.  Also, it is good for her to learn from as many individuals as she can about life.  She’s been contained and molded to think a certain way for so long that everything learned now is vital for her as an independent human being.”

    Dissatisfied, she scoffs, “Thanks, Patty!  You make it sound like I’m a robot or something.  I have a soul, ya know!  It’s not like I was born yesterday.”  She then whispers to Faye, still hanging around her, “If I go back, he’s my first target.”

    “Am I your second then?” asks Faye.

    “Of course not, hon,” Ata insists, “I couldn’t bring myself to have you children view my brutality.  I’ll be sure to wait until after you all leave to make my final choice.”

    Milleni decides she might as well talk before more chaos transpires.  “I hope you can infer how I grew up, seeing how they called me Captain Milleni.  I just happen to be the toughest pirate alive!  Of course, this is only the designation given me by all the nasty fiends I have to deal with on the high seas.  If you’re a law-abiding citizen, I have no beef with you.  If you try to cause a ruckus, I’ll haunt you like a bad case of scurvy!  I was actually the last of the seven to be located, with my adorable twin brother being the one to find me.  I was ecstatic to learn I wasn’t a lonely only child, and with such a cool buddy as my twin!  We met our older siblings, had a wonderful reunion, then set out to free the world from evil.  Along the way, many villainous machines have returned, including two of the robots that terrorized Ruyngard during King Richie’s pirating days, as well as the second worst machine in history, Kinjo.”

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