“After many lives were lost, proper communications were finally re-established.  It was then that the nations realized they had been deceived into fighting one another.  Eventually, the members of FRANK were tracked down and eliminated, thus bringing peace to the world once again.  At least, that is what everyone thought, but we were all sadly mistaken.  More confusion spread abroad, resulting in more fighting, until the source of this mayhem was pinpointed to a small, uncharted artificial island.”

    “Oh!”  Vahnna points out, literally, “Let’s not forget that the Queen of Celron had been kidnapped around this time, so everyone grew very hopeful that she’d be on this enemy island.”

    “Indeed!” Patriarch chuckles unexpectedly at this news.  “And what an oddity that was!”

    “Just tell the story, old man!” Vahnna roars.

    “Upon arrival, Warner and his friends were greeted by a beautiful, blue-haired young woman wearing glasses.  ‘Welcome to my master’s facility.  Please come this way.’  The group followed her and saw two great horrors standing before them.  One of these horrors was the Queen of Celron…as young as any of them.  The other horror was the host.  For those who knew their history, they’d recognize him as the man who attempted to conquer the world in the Sacred Blade era, Max.  He was compelled to explain the scenario.  ‘I know what you are thinking.  My name is Maxwell Blaze, and I am the creator of the wayward brothers your ancestors had to face.  My ultimate creation, Max, went haywire and took several of his siblings with him.  It took several decades for all of them to be tracked down and destroyed, but now that they are all gone, I asked the queen to give me a chance to redeem myself.  You may check her for yourself.  This is your genuine queen, and her youth is restored.’  It was at this moment that all the lies were no longer able to cover this woman’s face.  For the first time in years, her youthful appearance was seen, and by those of Ruyngardian eyes.  Everything changed when Maxwell Blaze said these words….”

    All at once, the three hosts shout aloud Maxwell’s declaration.

    “Behold, Queen Vahnna of Celron!!”

    “Queen?!” Faye shouts.  “Ah, so you’re Noin’s granny.  That’s so sweet!  You look gorgeous for your age.  Of course, I forget that you elders married and aged much more quickly than our society does.”

    Kammy slowly walks over to Vahnna, gets in her face and inspects her complexion.  “Wait…without all the makeup….”

    “Yes?” Vahnna smiles deviously.

    “Vahnna,” remarks Kammy, “I’m an idiot.  You’re a jerk.”

    After kindly instructing Kam not to be rude, Vahnna quickly licks the girl’s nose and cheerfully whispers, “Hey, Kammy.”

    “Ew!  Weirdo!”  Laughing and rubbing her nose, Kammy begins to cry again.  She hugs Vahnna as tightly as she can.  “Didi, you really are a jerk!”

    Caught red-handed, literally, Vahnna hugs her friend.  “Took you long enough, smarty-skirt.  Oh,” she then whispers in Kammy’s ear, “now that I’m a System Guard and understand all the references in your choice of attire, I have to say that you beat Faye out of the water when it comes to style.  Don’t tell her I said that, hee hee.”

    Oblivious to what was just said, Faye voices her confusion at this cryptic revelation.

    Vahnna regains her composure.  “Okay, let me explain.  After Didi left Ruyngard, she ended up marrying the Prince of Celron.  It was a democracy then, but eventually became a monarchy.  She liked the freer form of government but didn’t have the say so to change things back.  Either way, Didi was Queen of Celron!  Her skin was zapped by old age, silly.  She changed her name to Vahnna in hopes of leaving her sorrow behind her.  However, with her age restored, and standing right there in front of knowledgeable Ruyngardians, she could no longer hide.  I mean, it was difficult enough hiding from publicity when she was a younger queen, but without aid from security, well-trained camera tricks and such, she decided it wasn’t worth the effort to pretend any longer.”

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