She nods to him, and he looks at the group.  “That day, when the Meadowfield droid put forth its effort in battle, all who watched were pleased at his victory.  My master is Jack, Duke of Ruyngard, and it was for his sake that I wanted to be champion of that competition.  That day was long and hard, but very rewarding.  Many individuals that you should know from Ruyngard, Meadowfield and elsewhere in the world brought their machines to do battle, each displaying a mighty array of unique features and skills.  In truth, the piercing cables within my palms are not a weapon of great advantage compared to many of the other machines’ arsenals.  However, I was programmed with a fighting knowledge that has allowed me to surpass even the greatest of foes.  Does this mean I won the competition?  Do not be so sure.  You see, among the ranks of metal fighters were the Meadowfield droid and my Sarah.”

    He pauses, and the group looks at him, waiting for more.  Kammy asks, “Did you forget something?”

    “Is something wrong, Hero?” Sarah places her hand on his arm.

    “Inquiry: I believe the adjective best suited for your present status is…beloved.  Am I correct?”

    Sarah, along with everyone else, is very happy to hear this question.  “You are correct…beloved Hero.”

    He then continues, “Among the ranks of metal fighters were the droid of Meadowfield and my beloved Sarah.  We had not yet met, but that would change by the end of the day.  My method of attack is strict, sure.  I do not expend any more energy…or pain than is necessary.  Sarah, on the other hand, is a droid of a different temperament, and will perform any task necessary to attain victory.  She is cunning and wise, yet possesses fewer programs of morality and ethics than I.  This is not to say she is an evil android or cruel.  I believe your teacher can explain this more properly.  Do you mind?”

    Cat laughs, looking at Sarah.  “You’re not quite the firecracker that Dee or Didi are.  You two robo-lovers are about the same in personality, which makes sense.  The only difference is that Sarah is only a tad bit less compassionate than Hero, though not really at a level than anyone would notice.  You’re still a good girl, Sarah.”

    “Thank you.” She bows a little and further explains.  “My programmer, Lady Gold, loves the experience of fighting, thus she entrusted me with that same spirit, simulated though it be.  Also, as my emotions, along with those of Hero’s, may not be as advanced as some machines, we must manually upgrade our database to better understand how you humans process such sensations.  It is my handicap, if you will.  If we were built by professional engineers, our emotions would be similar to yours.  However, part of the tournament’s goal is to inspire new builders to make their presence known.  While, obviously, our young makers had help in creating us, we are mainly their work.  I lack the proper top-ranked programming because I was handmade, with love, by my own dear Lady Gold.”

    Hero surprises everyone with a laugh.  “Perhaps, beloved, that is why I experience a better grasp of ethics.  My master Jack had help from his curious mother Queen Jackie.  If you know anything of her moral standards and her inquisitive nature, then you understand how I ended up the way I am.  That said, we can display all the same emotions you humans do.  We just have difficulty applying the appropriate emotion at the appropriate time.”

    Kammy gets it.  “Sarah can laugh, too.  It’s just she is still learning our humor, so there’s no point in laughing if she doesn’t fine anything funny.  There’s no reason in crying if she has nothing worth crying about.  Hopefully, that last part remains true.”

    Sarah nods.

    “So, then what happens in the tournament, Hero?” asks Paul.

    “Why don’t you stop interrupting and let them tell you, Paul?!” retorts Gigi.

    “Gigi!” Duplica is appalled.  “Don’t chew the poor boy out.  All he did was ask a question.”

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