Duplica growls.  “I will let that slide.  Fine, if we die, or if Ultimax becomes the Queen of Spain, it’s on your conscious, not mine, Jo.”

    Her twins laugh, with Elf adding, “Mom, if Ultimax becomes the Queen of anything, I dare says it’s because he most certainly lost the fight to good ol’ AB.”

    As the kids continue to clown around, Lady Rug decides to chill out and pet the animal.  Her paranoia subsides and the atmosphere is free of the potential stress.  Don’t be too hard on her though.  All this traveling is a daunting responsibility.  You probably don’t realize that even understanding people from the past is a modern miracle.  If not for SG technology, Duplica wouldn’t be able to comprehend anyone not from her home planet, let alone outside of her old Storyboard XXII.  We could have a very surprising discussion about all the different languages overshadowed by the SG translation tech, but I don’t want you confusing some of the System dialects for deep algebra, trigonometry or random computer noises.  That said, I’m going to get a cookie.

    With three cookies acquired, we continue the story.  This leads us to the guests of the era, two androids named Hero and Sarah.

    “Hi there!  I’m Duplica, and this is my class.” As she is about to speak, she realizes she probably should have given some backstory before introducing the kids to these two.  “Um, actually, do you two mind hearing a story?  Heh heh.”

    Everyone gives their name and greeting, but then Duplica takes time to start from the beginning of this age to make sure everyone is on the same page.

    “So, here’s a thing.  You see, Richie and Jackie have two sons in this era, Ken and Jack.  That Blue Band girl we met married the son of old Cecil’s commander Drake, and they have a daughter everyone calls Blue Band 2.  She’s famous for wearing gorgeous gold dresses with Christian scenes on them, like the empty tomb.  What about Cecil’s son, you say?  He married the rude diplomat girl, and their daughter, surprisingly nicer than her family, will be the one starting off the tournament Hero will soon tell us about.  Now, let’s see.  Oh, come on, Cat!  Cecil’s granddaughter also marries Ken later while BB2 marries Jack, but we can’t be jumping ahead, now, can we?  Speaking of weddings, Kammy, Didi has yet to have one.  She says she’s waiting on that superhero of her dreams, whatever that means.

    “When we first arrived, long ago, this world was already advanced in technology, with robots and lasers.  Since then, the military might has caught back up after the foolishness of having no weapons was done away with.  With the defeat of Epoch Blaze, the heavy focus has been on androids like Hero and Sarah.  This has resulted in an official sport of operators bringing their robot buddies to fight each other in friendly combat.  Our story, then, begins with Cecil’s nerdy granddaughter pep-talking her best friend, a green Meadowfield android she built, to do his best.  He takes the stage, and the story turns to whatever Hero is going to say.  Take it way, Hero!”

    Hero is both amused and confused.  “You just show up out of nowhere, with more knowledge of our history than I have, and yet you ask me for information that you should already possess.”

    Sarah agrees.  “I’m not sure I’ll ever understand you humans, but I do enjoy learning from you.  This new sensation I have in my core unit toward Hero and toward our human allies is a phenomenon I always take pleasure in modifying.”

    Faye knows exactly what sensation this is.  “My dear Sarah, that feeling in your heart, your core unit, is love, of course!  Never stop modifying that!”

    Sarah’s face may be hidden, but her eyes whisper the secret of a smile adorning her partially visible beauty.  “Affirmative.  This is the information my master, the one you call Blue Band 2, has said to me more than once.  May I set the record right and say that her name is Erika of Meadowfield, now known as Lady Erika Gold?  Her choice of attire has earned her this designation.  I believe you should continue the story now, Hero.”

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