“Is there anything else you need to know, kiddos?”  Didi asks, chugging more of the recipe.

    “Yes, actually.” Kammy says to Didi, causing a silence that makes the nearby waves sound like a symphony of aquatic thunder, “What have you learned on this trip, Didi?  You may not be the queen of your own nation one day, but surely there’s some wisdom you’ve picked up that will serve you and your children for years to come.”

    Lowering her cup, Didi chuckles as she thinks of a snarky response.  “Don’t barf on other people’s ships.  Don’t insult them over lid labels you don’t understand.  Don’t pick fights with people who’ve killed twenty assailants at one time.  Any other lessons for you, baby?”  As the teenager glares at her, Didi thinks about what she just said.  She then slides off the barrel she was sitting on and approaches the girl.  Everyone is, understandably, on edge.  Caressing the nervous, yet courageous, girl’s hair, Didi serenely relays, “Don’t be afraid to speak the truth, even if the people who need to hear it don’t always take it well.  You remind me of a man I’ve heard of but have never met.  They say he’s the one who sent my mother and her friends on their grand journey for the Sacred Blade.  This old man had a patch over one eye and walked with a staff adorned with a powerful crystal on top.”

    Kammy’s eyes are slightly watered as she is relieved her physical form is apparently not in danger.  “You mean the man known as Patriarch?”

    “I do.” Didi smiles.  “I intend to meet him one day.  He is said to be deceased, as no one has seen him since those days, but something tells me such a being does not die so easily.  My temper can put me into a mind that listens even less than Jackie, but I do wish to be like my mother.  She is the greatest woman I know, and my father is a warrior with a humility unequalled.  I pray I have even a fourth of that one day.  But until then, I will keep pushing myself to grow into whatever it is I was made to be.  The one thing I have learned is that it’s not entirely up to me to make myself into what I should be.  I need to lower my defenses and listen to others who are wiser than me…even if they are much younger than I am.  I can’t grow by myself.  Thanks for meeting us today, Kammy.”  Didi then hugs her new friend.

    The rest of the trip is much more enjoyable after this special moment, but the trip does have to end.  The class huddles around Lady Duplica and waves goodbye to their new pals.

    Kammy waves and explains to Didi what is about to happen.  “Since you won’t remember this, we are allowed to show you where we came from.  We’re from another world, in the future for that matter, and we came to the past to meet you guys.  Now, you get to see how we travel.  Maybe one day, when I’m older, I’ll come back and visit you.”

    Didi shows a slight smile, but she’s more caught up in the wonder of this revelation.  “So then, is Patriarch from the future?  Perhaps he is still alive.  No matter.  If we ever meet again, and I actually remember you, I want to travel with you to see what other worlds are out there.”

    Duplica can’t help herself and says in a laugh, “Hehe, oh, don’t worry, dear; you’ll get your fair share of space travel soon enough.  We love you, hon.”

    And with that, the class is caught into the portal that will take them into the next era in Ruyngardian history.  During this little journey, the teachers patch up anything that was neglected along the way.

    Duplica starts with the face fashion model.  “Faye, darling, can you please be more careful with assuming everyone knows about our unusual cultures in the future?”

    “Yes, ma’am.”

    Cat continues, “Thank you, baby.  I know that these people will forget us when we leave, but there’s no need to confuse them too much while we’re with them.  Besides, we don’t want unwanted followers.  I mean, we just showed the whole crew our portal technique, and they forgot it when we left, but I’m paranoid, so…haha!  What was I saying?  Oh yes!  Just because New Ruyngard’s genetically altered culture is a trend that our side of the stars emulated, thus coining the term Ruyngardian society, it doesn’t mean the original Ruyngard has any idea what you’re talking about.”

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