Kammy tilts her head, like Faye usually would.  Oh wait; Faye is doing it, too.  Kammy Crystal asks, “What do you mean by childish sweets?  I thought that was an alcoholic concoction.”

    The captain gives a hearty laugh.  “Alcohol?  Look, I don’t know what stereotypes you have of pirates where you come from, but if there’s one thing I remember my mother saying, which is impressive for my stubborn ears, it’s ‘Wine and strong drink are not for princes.  Don’t be a fool, Jackie.’  If I gave into that stuff, I’d not have the brains to rule a ship.  I’ve done my fair share of testing what’s right and wrong in my own way, much of which I’m not proud to talk about, but bowing to the bottle isn’t one of them.  That keg is full of honey recipe, every child’s favorite liquid sustenance.”

    Faye is ready to try this now, as are the others.  She gleefully states, “A drink made from honey!  I’ve read about this in history.  I’m surprised it doesn’t contradict everything you just proclaimed, but hey!”

    “No, dear,” Cat clarifies, “you’re definitely thinking of something else.  The old Ruyngardian honey recipe is perfectly safe and conscience-friendly.  Okay, enough of this awkward conversation.  I don’t mean to be pushy, Jackie, but we did come here for a history lesson, not a culinary Bible class, though I obviously can’t complain there.”

    Richie has heard enough anyway, so he’s opening the keg while he starts telling the story.  “Someone hand me a ladle and cups.  Okay, so, I don’t know what we haven’t already told you, but I’ll give a brief rundown from the start.  My cousin and I can not stand castle life, so we talked my father into letting us take a voyage to see the world.  We got the other guys from Ruyngard and Meadowfield as were mentioned, and we headed out to throw off all our cumbersome restraints for what time we could before the obligations of kingship stole me away from doing what I want.”

    Didi interrupts, saying, “Guys, you seriously have no idea how boring it is, always having to sit a certain way, what spoon you have to use in what order.  You think we got out so we could live like heathens, but we really just wanted to eat a single meal without having to worry about who speaks in what sequence to which person.  Being royal kills one’s social joys.  I’m not even technically royal, but because my uncle is the king, even I must endure these torments.”

    Richie resumes the platform.  “Understanding why we had to escape, at least for a little while, you will understand if our motto in life was a bit more careless than, perhaps, it should have been.  Nonetheless, mindless wandering at sea turned into *sigh* inevitable obligation as duty called to rescue the aforementioned diplomats from harm’s way.  Then again, rescuing several beautiful women for the sake of great financial compensation makes the journey not so burdensome.”

    Grace observes, “Your Highness, you’re already, heh heh, rich.  That was funny.  You’re already wealthy, so what’s a reward to you?”

    Richie nods.  “Good eye, young lady.  It’s not the amount, but the gesture, I suppose.  The fact I’m doing something and being rewarded for it, having my legacy remembered, makes it not so boring.  The pretty girls help the motivation, too.”

    Jo sends another nano-chat to the group.  “Guys, I beg you; please don’t be like this guy.  Yuck.”

    Jackie senses Jo’s plight and takes over.  “My beloved still has a few things to learn, I admit, and the details of who rescued which hostage in what order may not suffice our discussion—”

    “She doesn’t want to admit we rescued more girls than she did,” coughs Didi.

    “Point is that this journey has given me the privilege of watching these two gradually mature in ways that even push myself to not be so frivolous with my actions.  At any rate, did I not tell you that this recipe is the greatest invention in this world?”

    The kids all cheer in agreement.  “Haha!” Paul exclaims, realizing what just happened, “So this is why it’s called the cheer keg!”

    No one else laughs.  Jackie does at least acknowledge his correct assessment.

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