“I’m so oblivious!” Cat laments.  “Next year, we’re going to Storyboard XL!”

    AB, Missy and Keb take turns advertising.

    “The Four Corners!”


    “The Ultimen-Powered War!”

    All three join in to cheer, “Lyger!”

    “You guys seem pretty stoked,” Duplica notices.  “I don’t see why y’all can’t come with us.”

    “Hmm….” AB tries to convince the others that he’s seriously debating about this, but it’s painfully obvious he was going to suggest this himself. “I’m definitely going to drag Cici out of bed for this one.  Can you see it now?  The original Asteroid Trio travelling through Storyboard XL with the new kids on the block?  I’m totally there, guys!”

    “Woo!  Let’s do it!” Keb jumps in the air.

    “Thanks for the invite….” Missy scratches her nose.

    “We’ll fit you in somewhere, babe,” Ant says, trying to cheer her up.

    As this buffoonery persists, three final guests come strolling into the cafeteria.  “See, Patty?” says former IMT host Hannah Austin, “I told you your mom would be here with the IMPs.  So, kids, you taking the history lesson?  I remember those rookie days.”

    “We’re not just taking a lesson,” Grace shouts, “we just took the coolest tour ever!”  Her claim is backed up by five other energetic teens, ready for another trip already.

    Ent is compelled to join in, saying, “Next year, we and the Asteroid Trio are going to leave our mark on Storyboard XL.  Look out, Baylors!  Elfie and Gigi are on the way!”

     “And Paul!”

    Yes, young man, and Paul, too.  With this final cheer, we will take our leave for now.  Next year, when we return, we will meet the likes of Acer and Buddy, Axer and Roxy, as well as many other unique heroes and villains.  That only leaves one question.

    What’s the food like?

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