For Paul, the lesson was, “Bring your own lunch.”

    For Owan, there was something profound in there somewhere amongst all the Crimson Cannons he fired on the battlefield.

    For the wise, yet feisty Kammy, “I’d have to say that I’ve learned not to let being right turn me into a jerk.  If you do something that is right, but with the wrong spirit, then it’s not so right anymore.  I learned to be more patient with people as they grow.  Maybe I shouldn’t call people jerks so much.”

    Our littlest lovely lady’s lesson is, as she states, “If I had to pick one, it would be that my friends, as wonderful as they are, aren’t always perfect.  That goes for my mom, too.  I shouldn’t idolize everyone so much.  Although, on that note, I also learned that my mom, even though she can be a silly goober, is my greatest example.  I desperately want to be all the woman she is.  It’d be nice if I could be someone’s girlfriend, too, but that ain’t happenin’ any year soon.”

    The intended, green target coughs at the candor of this shameless confession.

    Ignoring the offense, the target’s sister, Gigi, gives her say.  “My temper and how I talk disrespectfully to people need to change.  Joking a little is one thing, but I can be a royal bully.  Max showed us what being a bad friend will do to you.  I need to stop being so impatient and start living up to my name.”

    Catherine Rug almost hugs herself in excitement from her daughter’s skyrocketing spiritual growth.  She then looks at her boy for his addition to the list.

    “Heh heh, well, I would be last,” he chuckles in his friendly, high-pitched voice, “I want to be a good leader.  I need to make God mine.  I’m weak, y’all are weak.  If I depend on myself, I’ll hurt you guys.  If I depend on you, I’ll push you too hard and turn on you for things you can’t always help.  If I can’t admit I’m wrong, then you’re gonna’ get left in the dust, trying to play along, trying to be as perfect as I present myself to be.  If I give into my selfish desires, then I’ll use you and rob you of the trust I should earn.  There were a bunch of lessons, and I’m sure many of them are lessons I’ll have to learn and relearn over and over until God helps me get it right.  I need to be content with what I am.  I may not be human like the System Director, but my actions very much matter.  If the author’s mind is a heap of garbage, then those thoughts can become trashy actions which become trashy habits.  Real people will get hurt.  God will be hurt.  He will be sad to see His child thinking and doing things which are evil.  Yes, I as an imaginary character can offend God.  Why would I want to do that?  Even if I pop out of existence the moment the System Director goes to heaven, I want to give God as much glory here in this life as the rocks wanted to give during the time the Lord walked on this Earth.”

    The wisdom is well-received, even with the group laughing at Keb’s manly, “A-a-men!” Duplica then has AB end their time in a prayer.  After this, the class is officially ended for the day, even though the fellowship is far from over.

    “You know,” says Duplica, “I happen to think this was a royal success, don’t you, Jo?”

    Jocelyn happily nods in a musical manner, “Oh yeah, Cat!  We should definitely do this again.”

    “I was thinking the same thing.”  Duplica taps an imaginary computer on the lunch table as she thinks aloud.  “When we were talking about Justine, I was thinking we could visit the history of New Ruyngard, to keep with this last trip’s theme, and to help straighten up which is which.  Then again, we might want a break from the confusing R-Word going back and forth.  Run-gard this, Run-gard that.  Besides, No one even made one mention of the Baylors.”

    Everyone jumps on this opportunity.

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