Missy chimes in.  “You were two, and now, you’re one.  Congratulations.  After Melanie and Fiona reunite, and after Keb and Fifi do the same, the snowman returns.  Fio’s Melanie side had been watching Keb and AB from a distance, always keeping an eye out for this fiend.  She even changed Keb’s DNA and facial features a little, thus why she looked like Fifi but still had everyone thrown off.  Can anyone guess who this snowman turned out to be?”

    Paul and Owan don’t know, but the others do.  “Arion Jekel.”

    “Yes, AB’s worst villain was originally a snowman that kept popping up in the kid’s nightmares.  He actually started as the System Director’s real-world nightmare, but learned how to feed on both fear and inspiration.  He seeped into the System, tortured Melanie Fiona and even found a way out into reality, using a technique called character assignment.  Maybe we’ll discuss that on another trip.  After years of improving himself, he returned to the System during the SBX era with the hero known as Xames Scott.  From there, he put his plan into action to slowly mold Asteroid Boy to be his perpetual food source, always scaring him into fighting back, which would only feed him via inspiration.  Well, with this plot revealed, it was simple how to stop him now.  Everyone just stopped caring about him.”

    All at once, all the kids let out a disappointed, “What?”  Yes, with everything he had put the System through, it was as simple as the System Guards, and System Director, making it a point to stop caring about how cool and terrifying he is as a fictional character.  With Arion Jekel’s strength gone, the SG’s were able to finally end him, and he’s never bothered them since.

    Faye and Ally J. are thoroughly disappointed.  “I expected a big fight.” Faye jabs her fork forward like a sword.

    Ally winks at AB and admits, “I was hoping to hear more of your inspiring actions in this, Ant.”

    “Oh sure, hon,” Missy sarcastically obliges, “let me and my husband tell about how we started the public Bible-teaching ministry before you were born, oh biologically-related descendant of mine.”

    Faye giggles at her poor mother’s visible reaction.  “Oh, Mommy, you’re so silly.”

    Duplica laughs a bit before standing up to take the final lap in this long educational race.  “The fact there was a battle with all the SGs and such was understood, but all that is behind us now.  You’re up-to-date.  From the comics of Asteroid Boy and his sisters to the adventures leading up to Arion Jekel’s surprise ending, that covers the entirety of the threat known as the Ultimate Machine, as well as the nightmare known as Arion Jekel.  As far as XI is concerned, Keb’s been one person for about five years now, if that gives you an idea of how recent these events are.  I mean, I can definitely think of more history material for later, but your lesson regarding this trip is over, AND you made me very, very proud with how you handled my test.  So, what did you learn?”

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