“We searched all over Japan, seeing how that’s where I grew up as a little kid, but found nothing.  I’d say we even asked the Dream Master about my mom, since AB met me when he saved me from a nightmare, but you have no idea who that is, so I won’t.  It took a lot of detective work, but I finally found her.  I finally found my mother.”

    This is how Keb and Fifi discovered the truth.  “My mom was a beautiful woman named Melanie.  Oh, I was so happy.  I knew this was the woman who’d been in my memories.  This happiness, however, was cut short with the news she was dying, as was I.  We had to both die soon, she said.  She then explained why Fifi was struggling so much.  Melanie and Fiona, my teacher, were two halves of the same person.  The very one who raised me that entire time was my mother all along.  But this also meant that my childhood best friend…was also myself.  It was time to become the original person split in half in my infancy, which meant Keb and Fifi had to die.”

    Faye and the other girls started crying the minute Keb found her mom in this story, so the tragic turn only produces more tears.  “That’s so sad!!”

    “Ha ha!  Nah!” Keb rolls her eyes.  “If you knew my overly strict mom back in the day, you will easily get that Melanie was a tad in the other direction.  She was only being dramatic about the process.  That said, it had to be done, and we weren’t exactly complaining.  That’s why you never see Fifi around these days…she’s sitting right in front of you.  She and I combined, with her letting me have the dominate side of things because she loves muh hair, and Fiona is the main personality between her and Mel.  I mean, in each case, it’s one person becoming whole again, so the memories and personalities of each half is right there in my head.  That and I’m an Infinite, so I can manually split back into two if I feel like it.”

    Fifi pops out.  “Seriously, I need the break at times.  You have any idea what the inside of a brain smells like?”

    The kids laugh at this, exchanging a few humorous words with Keb’s Fifi side before she pops back into that big red head.

    “I’ll ignore you calling my head big, thank you.” Keb is not happy, but goes on.  “My mom’s full name is Melanie Fiona Sakuro, thanks to her marriage to my step-dad.  In fact, she remarried him after reuniting with herself just to stay proper.  My full birthname turns out to be Fiona Kaios, but everyone still calls me Keb.  Marrying Fun Sanchez just modified it to Kebs.”

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