AB interrupts with a smile, as he’s obviously not wearing a helmet if he’s eating, and looks at the kids while saying, “Medley still had quite an attitude problem after returning to our side, but she and the System Director finally properly resolved things.  Okay, Keb, get to your story.”

    “I’m getting there, don’t rush me!”  She huffs.  “So, Melanie’s troubles weren’t nearly over.  While still carrying her child, she was assigned to be the Asteroid Boy’s caretaker, keeping him safe while teaching his twin sister which was kept hidden due to her role in everything.  It was then that AB just happened to figure out Melanie was with him.  He was actually responding to a message he was receiving from a young genius his age named Missy, several lightyears away.  This all resulted in AB being linked to Mel Fiona via nano-chat, with her pretending to be his imaginary friend, ironically.  As cute as this all was, or weird if you want to think of it as such, everything crumbled when a terrible nightmare, an evil snowman, came from AB’s mind and literally tore Melanie in two!  When she awoke, she suffered from slight, and seemingly short-term, memory problems.  However, the snowman never showed up again, so she simply prayed it was all a shared nightmare between her and her linked friend.”

    Grace shivers.

    “Indeed!” Keb shivers with her.  “From this trauma, however, things get better.  Despite always feeling like she was missing something, Fiona was able to move past whatever happened, and she raised her little girl Fifi in peace while mentoring her AB from the shadows.  I don’t have to tell you too much from here because you can read Asteroid Boy’s adventures for the rest.  However, with his shenanigans behind us, it’s time that the original hero gets her shining moment.  You see, a few years after the big war we all just came from, I was reaching adulthood, and if you remember my background, you know I’m adopted.  Well, I figured it was time to see where I came from, so I got my girlfriends together and dragged them across the globe to find muhself, ha ha!  Among the group was Fifi, whom Fiona asked me to take along, since the girl did seem to be letting herself go a tad, as if she was missing something and was trying to cope with it.  She wasn’t doing anything major, but Fiona thought the trip would help her grow before her new wandering habits got her into real trouble.  Oh, and then there’s Justine.”

    Saying this, Keb leans back and says with a big, cheesy grin and a shake of the head, “Ah, Justine, the future descendant of everyone alive up to that point!  She and the guy AB had picked out for her were going to be among the origin group for the new Planet Ruyngard’s colonization.  The day I met her, I refused to use my auto-heal powers to get over a bad cold I had.  I was training myself, but this girl waltzed in and started fighting me, just because she’d heard so much about me and wanted the privilege of exchanging blows.  She was crazy!!  Remember; back then, I was all sweet and everything, not the fireball that AB says I am now.  You can thank Justine for this.  So, yeah, we girls set out to find my parents.

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