Keb cracks her knuckles and wiggles in her seat a bit, then continues.  “While the System itself started when the Director was only four years old, our trusted super squad you guys are a part of started when the author, as a teenage boy, used to daydream that he was a superhero.  One day, he met a deadly cyborg named MK10311, but despite what seemed to be a straightforward battle that would result in the machine’s demise, the System Director befriended the being and eventually renamed her Medley because of her ability to create duplicates of herself.  Eventually, the two made a bunch of new friends and formed their own little team.  Among them was the couple, Chad and Melanie Fiona Kaios.

    “Eventually, the young man grew out of the stage of having imaginary friends, but he didn’t want to just abandon them to oblivion, so he put Medley, his first recruit, in charge of the team and moved them all from Storyboard X to XI for a very important project.  In remodeling his imaginary world into a semi-autonomous setup for the purpose of writing fiction, the newly designated System Director decided his new leader should share his face and experiences so that he’d be able to relate, and so the other System Guards, as they’d be called, would recognize whom the author chose as his representative.  As Medley set things in order, many tragedies followed.”

    Keb looks around to make sure everyone is still on board.  With no complaints, she keeps going.  “First, during the early years of “The Asteroid Project,” a terrible battle happened that claimed the lives of many, including Chad Kaios.  This left a pregnant Melanie to take care of herself while staying true to her team.  Medley, however, hurt and confused as to why her best friend would abandon her to keep watch over an insulting shadow of himself, returned to SBX where she would eventually become the evil Queen Medley.  It took many years, but she did finally reform.”

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