Chapter 10 One Final Lesson

    In addition to Vahnna showing up, the other parents drop in to join our second lunch.  The Rug Twins are glad to see their father, Faye giggles her way over to Ally, and Paul super-dashes a playful tackle into his mom Mercy.  All the adults greet each other, with most everyone present already being good friends.  The vending machines are raided along with the fridges and such.  Keb even gives into her recent trend of reaching into random, nearby machines to pull out slices of freshly cooked pizza.  Being an Infinite has its perks.  With everyone settled, Kebber visibly shakes with excitement.  “My turn, my turn, my tuuuurn!” she sings.

    “A’ight, kiddos,” she proclaims, “I’ll tell you what happened right after that big fight scene, as well as some super amazing bonus facts, then we will help your mom get your minds wrapped around everything you’ve learned on this adventure of yours.  First, you need to know that the storyboards present at the last battle, Storyboards X, XI, XII, V, L, C, D and M; were all combined into one universe.  Sure, there were countless others still out there, but all of these being so similar, it was just easier to manage.  I also need to point out that if you throw lettuce, bacon, cheese and tomatoes together, you get a salad.  You don’t change the past of the ingredients.  Same with combining storyboards; you don’t change their histories by simply smashing the living spaces together in a coherent fashion.  All the extra people ended up moving to New Ruyngard to live out the rest of their days thereon.  Okay, now, the fun begins!”

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