“Girls, we can discuss this later.  We do have a class in session, right, Rowan?” Cat reminds.

    Rowan agrees.  “Once Ryan got his sword and dark attire, Patriarch’s grave warning regarding the weapons we seek became clearer.  They, along with so much of our world, were created by one called the Ultimate Maximum.  If we are not careful, the power can corrupt us.  However, Patriarch wishes us to collect them for research purposes, as well as in hopes of turning Max’s devices against him.  We shall see how we fare, as we now have all the blades.  After fighting the giant droid in Ewrincyadge and meeting the wise man with his many daughters, I located the sword that gave me this red armor.”

    Duplica interrupts.  “That is spelled E-w-r-i-n-c-y-a-d-g-e and is pronounced Erin-sage.  This will be on the test.  Go on, Rowan.”

    A-Tron smiles.  “The rest is best told by me, if you don’t mind.  While here in Miss’s homeland of Celron, we encountered a group of teens created as experimental fighters.  After besting them in battles, we found the sword that now belongs to me.  It was this power that allowed me to gift my dear friend with her beautiful attire you see her in now.”

    Cecil sighs, causing Never Miss to focus on other things.  “Ron, the group should know about…that encounter, love.”

    A-Tron looks at the ground.  “The encounter…with the scourge of this world.  Between acquiring my sword and reuniting with the team, I was met by the one behind all of this.  He looked just like me.  He called himself Max, though he is not the Ultimax of old.  He claimed that he and I are two halves of the same person, a machine of great power.  He attempted an alliance with me, but I would not.  There was a brief conflict, but I launched him into the heavens.  I trust he is defeated, but on the chance he is not, we continue in search of the Sacred Blade.”

    Never Miss places her hand upon his shoulder.  “I pray all is well.  I know you shall ever protect me, dearest A-Tron.”

    “How noble!” Kammy whispers.

    “How romantic!” Faye announces.

    Duplica looks at A-Tron and Never Miss, doing her best to hold back tears.  “Never Miss, can you make me a promise?”

    Miss cheerfully agrees to do her best.

    Cat Rug continues her request.  “I know you won’t remember this when we leave, but when we do finally reunite and you remember, will you…and A-Tron come to visit me…to remind me that these weary days are behind you?”

    Everyone is caught off guard by this change in tone.  Never Miss walks over and hugs the teacher.  “What a strange request.  Yes, my dear, the next time we meet, A-Tron and I shall assure you that all is well.  I don’t know where you came from or how to find you again, but I’m sure you’ll just come galloping into our lives like you did today.  Well, in a manner of speaking, you galloped.”

    The group exchanges goodbyes and parts ways.  Jo Meyers can see the sorrow in her friend’s eyes and gives her another hug.  “Such delicate wording for something they won’t even remember.”

    Cat slightly tilts her head from side to side.  “I know.  I know.  I couldn’t bring myself to come out and say it.  I mean, we see them all the time in the Drawing Board in the present.  It’s just…sad how they got there.”

    Completely oblivious to the grown-ups, Paul timidly voices his opinion of the matter to Gigi.  “That A-Guy and Never Missed sure make a good team, huh, Gi?  Kinda’ like you and me, yeah?”

    She’s not buying it.  Gigi quickly puts this to rest.  “Well, considering A-Tron will join Max and personally kill Never Miss when they get to the Sacred Blade, which was just a ploy to get the two halves together anyway, I think you’d better reconsider you heroes in life, Paul.”

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