“I fight for the honor of my beloved, Princess Mandy of Ruyngard.  When our global peace, symbolized by the destruction of all weapons, was broken by an unknown evil leading an army of machines, my fiancé’s father the king tasked me and my friends with finding the Seven Swords of Lore that would unlock the most powerful weapon in existence, the Sacred Blade.  As we travelled, we met our companion Prince Cecil of the neighboring country Meadowfield.  He and his general Drake are now standing behind us.”

    Never Miss murmurs to A-Tron about the dude’s manners, but tries to catch herself as it was she who recently scolded Tron for disrespecting this royalty, even if the Meadowfield youth did deserve it.

    Rowan continues, “Upon our journey, we met a one-eyed man with a crystal staff.  He calls himself Patriarch.”

    Duplica interrupts, “This is no double, guys.  This is the Patriarch from SBXI.  Sorry, continue.”

    Rowan does just this.  “Patriarch led us to Cecil and Drake.  They had two of the seven swords, and thus we joined forces on this journey.  Patriarch also tasked us with taking Never Miss along to help her training.  A-Tron, as you can tell, had no objections.”

    Everyone turns to the apparent couple.  “Ahem,” says a nervous Never Miss, “don’t you have a story to tell, Sir Rowan?”

    He resumes the tail of the trail.  “With our new companions, we sailed across the sea, but not before an odd encounter with two brothers always fighting one another.”

    Dee clarifies, “It was quite moronic, I say.  One of them had been turned into a lizard and was taking his vengeance on the community, as if he had the power to tie his own boots.  In the end, it turned out there was a frog in his helmet.  The fool was such a spectacle.”

    As the kids’ laughter causes Dee to pause, Rowan seizes the chance to reclaim the spotlight before she can continue.  “We sailed to a small island and defeated a hideous monster in order to claim the swords that gave Dee and Pat their armors you see.”

    “We then sailed to a desert town where my man got his sword!”  As you can tell, Dee butted back into the conversation.  “Tell them of how you defeated that nonsensical Ray the Drastic to claim your blade, Ryan.”

    Blushing, the man in question clarifies, “We all fought, Dee.  I mean, it was a group and all, so it wasn’t like we ganged up on a single bandit.”

    Faye giggles.  “Dee, your man is almost as shy as mine.”

    Gigi does not giggle.  “Faye, he ain’t not yo’ man, baby hon.”

    Faye frowns.  “Elfie, baby, am I moving too fast?  I don’t mean to assume things.”

    Elf doesn’t know which girl is more dangerous when disappointed, so he dodges the questions.

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