“Now, like I was saying, the evil rivals are as follows: the Ultimate Maximum, Zocartra, the Ancyriac—A sad story right there—then there’s a similar tragedy in Green Turcho, there’s Ride, Eulogy and Melody.  Now, if you’re familiar with SG history, I must clarify this Eulogy is Max’s sister that appeared with him and Melody before the big introductory fight against Astro Bomber.  There was another Eulogy present at the time, but she was a double, yada yada.  The point is that Max is the evil version of AB, having come from SBVI, brainwashing SBX’s Warrior’s Rest into becoming Ancyriac, brainwashing another famous SBX dude into being Turcho, and finally, reviving XI’s Zocartra, all for the purpose of having the perfect evil army.  Ultimax then poisoned the ancient past of XII so that the conflict between the two sides would be mirrored here.  You’ll see what I mean here in a second.”

    A few yawns decorate the faces of the kids as the history lesson continues until a group of six strangers approach, and as they do, we begin to see some very familiar figures in the Rug family tree.

    “Hey!” says Elf, “Aren’t you Great-Great-Yeah-Right-Really-Great-Grandpa AB?”

    The green guy looks puzzled at this inquiry.  “No, I am A-Tron of Ruyngard.  Who are you looking for again?”

    Faye seizes the opportunity to sneak by and gently lean against the unsuspecting Elf.  “Oh Ent, you’re so cute when you don’t pay attention.  Your mom just said this is a parallel universe to AB’s, and she specifically said another evil AB made this place to be yet another mirror, just waiting to confuse your adorable little mind.”

    “Thanks, Faye,” says Elf, “I don’t know whether that was a compliment or an insult.”

    Now, I said there are six people, but I show you seven.  Why is that?  Let the young man in red explain.  “I am Rowan, this is my sister Dee, and these are our friends Ryan and Pat.  You already met A-Tron, and this is our newest companion Never Miss, aptly named for her perfect archery skill.”

    Kammy is troubled by this title.  “Miss, um, Miss, don’t you think it’s a bit vain to call yourself that?”

    Neva thinks about this.  “I never considered it from that perspective, young lady.  I have always seen it as a warning to my adversaries.”

    Duplica calls the groups’ attention back to Rowan so he can tell the story of the Sacred Blade, but not before pointing out that this is a society with advanced technology while still clinging to the old kings and castles theme.  “Okay Rowan, take it away, man!”

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