“Ah, yes!  We are in Celron, literally on the other side of the map from Ruyngard.  This is just as I planned.  Now, while we wait for our interview, I shall tell you a thing.”

    Owan whispers to Paul, “Do you really think she planned this?”

    Paul chuckles and quietly replies, “Do snakes wear socks, man?”

    Owan laughs for a second, but then considers the new inquiry.  “They could put it on their tail.”

    “Boys!” Duplica will have no murmuring in her outdoor class.  “We can goof off in a bit.  Pay attention.  You already know about the Seven of XI and their legendary opposites, led by the evil Ultimax, terror of everything imaginary.  For the goody-goods, you have the following: Astro Bomber, James Scott the Crimson Prince, A.J. Scar, Packy Derm the Creature, Patriarch, Amy Scott and Missy Millennia.”

    Elf pokes his sister.  “You getting this down, Gi?”

    She pokes him back, but harder.  “Are you getting this down, goldfish brain?”

    Faye laughs at them.  “You should be nicer to each other.  Someone could mistake your jokes for genuine contempt.”

    Gigi snaps at her.  “Don’t tell me how to love my brother!”

    A quick scolding from Teacher Mom gets us back on track.

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