Chapter 1 The Sacred Blade

    Now that you know who is a part of the class and who is just the supporting cast, we can continue.  As you know from the pilot comic, Duplica is the head teacher of this group of junior System Guards, living in the Grand Solar System of the Dogwood Galaxy –Okay, you didn’t know that part—and is taking them on a trip to visit the old storyboards, imaginary equivalents to parallel universes, back before everything was condensed into only one universe.  In tribute to their ancestors AB and his siblings, Duplica is taking the kids to Storyboard XII just like the group from XI went to visit SBX millennia ago.  Of course, with Duplica’s universe formerly being parallel to AB’s, this descendant now lives contemporarily with her ancestor, in case you missed that detail.

    That trivia aside, we find our class of six enthusiastic teens being led by teachers Duplica and Jo Meyers into a world that blends castles and kingdoms with gears and gadgets.  The domain of Ruyngard, pronounced Run-gard, awaits the presence of this class of clowns.

    “Get off my face!  I’m not your chair!”

    “I’m sorry, Gi!  I couldn’t exactly help it!”

    “Hahaha!  Don’t worry, Owan; we have insurance for her.  Ow!  Stubborn tree limb!”

    “Serves you right, Elf, for saying that about your sister!  Mom, help!”

    “Hahaha!  Gigi, are you actually stuck up there?  Faye and Kammy are fine.”

    As you can tell from these random blurts, the class has arrived safely at their destination, even if some of them made a detour into a random tree upon entry.  As Owan plants his feet on the ground, he hastily reaches for Grace Grace to appease her wrath for landing on her face.  Meanwhile, Faye can’t help but scan the tree for her manly Elf.

    “Elf, dear, are you alright?  Do you need me to come get you?”

    This well-intended offer is declined by the boy with the high voice.  “No, no, I’m just fine, Faye.  Thanks all the same.”

    Kammy looks around.  “Lady Duplica, are we in Ruyngard?”

    The teacher addressed checks her wrist gear for their location.  “While I check the map, let me inform you of some vital details.”

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