What a happenin’ day it is in the Todd household!  Skillful as ever, Trixie Todd has devised a clever little game for her friend Wendy and techbot maid Virginia to play that will keep them at each other’s throats for hours…er, I mean that will keep them entertained for a while.

“Alright ladies,” says Trixie, “this game is called ‘Where’s the Monkey?'”

“Right in front of me,” Virginia interrupts.

“You win!” chimes Wendy.

    While giving her peeps the stare of death, Trixie continues, “Under one of these cups is a toy monkey.  If you can guess under which cup this plastic primate resides ten times consec-a-tec-a-tilly, I’ll give you the grand prize that’s in the fridge, along with the first part to a secret code.  So, who wants to try it?!”

“The word’s consecutively, and I’ll watch,” Virginia cautiously mutters.

“I’ll win this, no sweat!” Wendy boasts.

“Then let’s play…”

“‘Where’s the Monkey?’!” (Click the blue text)

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