(Cynthia: Ok Rhoda, we’ve won.  Just admit it.)
(Melanie: Yeah!  Admit it!)
(Rhoda: Well, you’re the ones not satisfied with ending the games.)
(Cynthia: True….)
(Rhoda: Alright, this is the final bout, and then you win.  I will ask you three questions, and you have to get them all right…with only ONE chance.)
(Melanie: Does that mean what I think it means?)
(Rhoda: Yes, you have to answer all three without a single mistake.)
(Cynthia: Bruuuuutal….)
(Melanie: THAT’S INSANE!!!)
(Rhoda: Then…win.)
(Cynthia: Ok, what are the questions?)
(Rhoda: So simple…so quick…so deadly.)
(Girls: WHAT ALREADY?!!)

(Rhoda: I spy with my little eye something blue.)
(Girls: UGH!!!!!!  RHODA!!!!”)
(Rhoda: All or nothing, girls.)


-Dad’s hat?-
-The recliner on the lamp side?-
-The couch?-
-Dad’s shirt?-

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