(Rhoda: This is the land of Rhoda.)
(Melanie: Wait, isn’t that a state?)
(Cynthia: No, you’re thinking Rhode Island.)
(Rhoda: It was close enough for….  Oh, who cares about a silly old origin story?)
(Melanie: Game!)
(Rhoda: Point proven….  Moving on!  Pick a piece to represent your team.  Only one.)
(Cynthia: We’ll pick yours, Mel, to alleviate my conscience.)
(Melanie: YAY!  I get to be Team Us!)
(Rhoda: You’re so kind, Cynthia….)

(Rhoda: So, how this works is you pick a number and that will either move you forward one, forward two spaces, back one or get you a TOTAL game over.  Okay?)
(Cynthia: Well, actually–)
(Rhoda: That was rhetorical.)
(Melanie: So, why did they name you “Rhoda,” Rhoda?)
(Rhoda: Awww!  You do care!!)
(Cynthia: *Whispers* Good move.)
(Melanie: *Whispers* Thanks.)
(Cynthia: Ok, pick a number, girls.)


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