(Georgia: I mean, there was technically more on it, like birthday and stuff, but it’s so illegible, I told the kids not to even worry about the rest. I guess we’re both kinda’ desperate here.)

(New Guy: Hi, I’m Mac!)
(Dude: *Snickers* PAHAHAHA!)
(Georgia: Hush!)
(Dude: So, THAT’S what the “stand here” sign was all about!)
(Georgia: Yes, since getting in was so easy, I’ll have to test them in other ways.  The first thing is to break any shy habits.  Go ahead; since you’re on the soap box, introduce yourself to everybody.)
(Mac: Um…uh…ok.)
(Dude: Sorry kid, she takes getting used to.)
(Mac: *Speaks loudly* Hi, everyone!  My name is Mac, and this is my first day here.  I hope to do a good job.)

*A faint clap comes from the kitchen*

(Dude: Well, THAT went over like a cloud of bricks.)
(Georgia: Eh, you’ll have those days.  Think you can handle it?)
(Mac: I think so.  So, what do you want me to do?)
(Georgia: Stand right there.  All day.  For today, you’re mainly traffic control, though I will be testing your memory, as that is the most important skill of waitressing.)
(Dude: He’s a waiter.)
(Georgia: Hush.)
(Dude: And they usually write this stuff down.)
(Georgia: Hush!  You’re not any ordinary waiter.  You work with me, and I never write stuff down.)
(Dude: Explains a lot.)
(Georgia: Dude!  I make your coffee!)
(Dude: I’m kidding!)
(Georgia: So, here’s the deal: you can use a notepad…after today.  Do your job of traffic control while paying attention to the orders, and I’ll grade you on how well you listen.)
(Dude: Are you a boy or girl?)
(Georgia: Isn’t it obvious?)
(Dude: What’s your name?)
(Georgia: Ok, ignore him.)

(Dude: Wait!  I’m a customer.)

-Take my order!-

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