(May: What is HE supposed to be?)
(Mac: Good morning, ma’am!  How are–)
(May: I was talking to her!)
(Mac: Oh…k.)
(Georgia: Haha!  Good morning, May.)
(May: Hmph!)
(Georgia: This is my new assistant Mac, May.  I’m having him greet everyone and train his brain by memorizing all the orders.  Minute mission for Mac, right May?)
(May: Well, don’t let him near my orders.  I want them done right.  Give me a sausage biscuit, the meat well done and the bread fluffy white.)
(Georgia: Remember that, Mac; not just white, it has to be fluffy white.)
(May: I want three and a half pieces of hickory bacon with a hint of mapel in each of them.  I want two, no I’ll do three packets of Sabel Sluter grape jelly.  No, two grapes and an apple jelly.  I like that Sabel Sluter character.)
(Georgia: Anything else, May?)
(May: No, I don’t want to risk my eggs being burnt because of this buffoon’s memory problems.)
(Georgia: Ok then, you got all that, Mac?  Throw it back at me.)

-*Gulp* Here we go!-

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