(Georgia: Hey sweetie, I’m Georgia.  I haven’t seen you before.)
(Girl: Hello, I’m Tina.  I just moved into town.)
(Dani: I’m Dani.  It’s nice to meet you.)
(Georgia: What can I get for you, hon?)
(Tina: Nice to meet you, Dani.  What do you recommend, Georgia?)
(Georgia: Try our new steak fries.  For only $7.99, you can have the most mouthwatering side order this town has to offer, only at…Dwayne’s Diner.)
(Tina: Beautiful.)
(Dani: That’ll be me tomorrow.)
(Tina: Ok, I’ll take the steak fries and a cheeseburger.  That’s it.)
(Georgia: Ok then…hmm…. Hey hon, lean in a second.  You see our friend here?  *Whispering*)
(Tina: Um…are you sure?  I don’t want to seem mean.  Also…. *whispering*)
(Georgia: That’s fine.  Ok, so, did I change your mind?)
(Tina: I guess…. Then let me have…*Tina looks at you, obviously in doubt of her decisions. Trouble’s afoot.* three onion rings, four broccoli sprouts, a dozen egg roll salami messes, a tuna casserole, two egg yoke pies and a cream soda.)
(Georgia: Oh my, you must’ve eaten already.)
(Tina: Well…I don’t want to overeat.)
(Georgia: You look fine, hon.)
(Tina: Aw, well thank you!  I will stop at that, though.)
(Dani: Well, thanks for not COMPLETELY murdering me.)
(Tina: I’m just doing what I’m told.)

-Nah, I’m teasing.  You ordered…-

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