(Georgia: So…I could hear you meeting our other, uh, customers.)
(Mac: Yeah…trauma much.)
(Georgia: I tried to tell you.  Anyway, this is Chris.  Chris, this is Mac.)
(Chris: How do you do?)
(Georgia: Now, so far, you’ve missed Chris ordering a cheeseburger with sauerkraut, a hot doggy of spice and four waffle fries.)
(Mac: Ok, ok; uh huh, uh huh; go on.)
(Chris: Oh, ok!  Well, that takes care of me and Mara.  The girls like the fries, but they usually like the chicken sandwiches.)
(Georgia: Uh, Chris, I see Mara shaking her head.)
(Chris: You ladies have the greatest of ears.  Ok, fish sandwiches?)
(Georgia: I’m getting a nod.)
(Chris: How about a side order of chili cheese nachos just in case.)
(Georgia: Aren’t you forgetting your son?  You provide food for your wife and your friends, but you can’t provide for your own son?)
(Chris: Hahaha!  Very good!  Give me another cheeseburger and fry, or at least I would order this if he were with us, but you’ve overlooked that he is with a friend.)
(Georgia: Oh, well excuse me.)
(Chris: And that is it.)
(Georgia: Alright, my European pal, that is a lot to take in, especially for the new kid)

-Nah, I got it.  It was-

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