(Georgia: Safe!  But he was just being niiiiiii–Callie, stop trying to fly!!)
(Callie: I can’t help it!!  They finally allowed me to teach a summer school, even letting me give the grown-ups a sample quiz to show what the kids are learning, but some HOODLUM parents had to go acting like toddlers in front of the kids, giving me smarty-pants answers to the point the principal changed his mind.  GRRR!!!  So, I had to clear my head.  I’ll take a lemonade.  OOOH!  And did I clear my head?  NO!  I banged it into the ground. I…oh, listen to me. I’m sorry, guys.  I just can’t believe my summer is ruined, yet again, but this time because of people who don’t appreciate the education of their children.  Make that a sweet tea.)
(Georgia: Callie, this is Mac.  Mac, this is Callie, the kindergarten teacher at the local elementary school.)

(Callie: Oh!  I’m so, so, so sorry.  I must’ve sounded like a real grump.)
(Dude: We’ll all just overlook the twigs in your hair.  Scratch my order, by the way.)
(Georgia: Oh no, you ordered it; I’m making you eat it, pal.)
(Dude: Fine, but can you at least have mercy and switch the coffee for a lemonade?)
(Georgia: Ok, what was ordered so far?  And you can summarize.  This is a diner, you know.  Oh! And don’t worry about last order.  Just tell me what these two just asked for.)

-Sure thing!-

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