(Georgia: Safe!  But he was just being niiiiiii–Callie, stop trying to fly!!)
(Callie: I can’t help it!!  They finally allowed me to teach a summer school, even letting me give the grown-ups a sample quiz to show what the kids are learning, but some HOODLUM parents had to go acting like idiots in front of the kids, giving me smarty pants answers to the point the principal changed his mind.  GRRR!!!  So, I had to clear my head.  I’ll take a lemonade.  OOOH!  And did I clear my head?  NO!  I banged it into the ground. I…oh, listen to me. I’m sorry, guys.  I just can’t believe my summer is ruined, yet again, but this time because of people who don’t appreciate the education of their children.  Make that a sweet tea.)
(Georgia: Callie, this is Dani.  Dani, this is Callie, the kindergarten teacher at the local elementary school.)

(Callie: Oh!  I’m so, so, so sorry.  I must’ve sounded like a real grump.)

(Dani: Oh no, not at all!  I used to babysit, so I completely understand.)
(Dude: We’ll all just overlook the twigs in your hair.  Scratch my order, by the way.)
(Georgia: Oh no, you ordered it; I’m making you eat it, pal.)
(Dude: Fine, but can you at least have mercy and switch the coffee for a lemonade?)
(Georgia: Ok, what was ordered so far?  And you can summarize.  This is a diner, you know.  Oh!  And don’t worry about last order.  Just tell me what these two just asked for.)

-Sure thing!-

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