(Dude: You’re still here?  Impressive.)
(Mac: Thanks…I think.)
(Dude: Make sure to put extra sweetener in my lemonade.)
(Georgia: Gotcha, hon.)
(Dude: So, kid…I got bad news.)
(Mac: And that is?)
(Dude: The guys at the station called and they asked me to take them something when I leave.)
(Mac: I see.  And what did they want?)
(Dude: Let’s see…Jason wanted a turkey and anchovy sub on wheat with chips.  Fred wants a salami mess.  Timmy and his crew all want a nacho dish.  Let’s see, what else did they want?)
(Georgia: Come on, dude!  He has this stuff down.)
(Dude: Yeah, well, you’re not paying me, so quiet.)
(Georgia: We’re always hiring.)
(Dude: And I’m always telling you no.)
(Georgia: Well?)
(Dude: Give me three of the donuts, a biscuit and gravy pie, another burnt toast and seven lemonades.)
(Georgia: They’re paying you back, right?)
(Dude: We’ll see.)
(Georgia: Dude!  Seriously?!  This guy’s TOO nice sometimes.  Sure, he’s a deacon in his church, but….Look, man; you have a wife and kids to feed.)
(Dude: Georgia, you make it sound like I do it all the time.)
(Mac: Anything else, sir?)
(Dude: Oh, sorry man, I didn’t mean to strain your memory.  Yeah, that’s it.)
(Georgia: Her sarcastic nature rubbing off, I deduce?)
(Dude: Oh, I’ve always been this sarcastic, even before she came along.)
(Mac: Who?)
(Georgia: You probably wouldn’t know her yet.)

-Guys, can we focus here?!-

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