(Caroline: Well, MY hobby is reading.  I find it hard though, since I can just download anything I want into my head.  It’s so hard to find a good book online without accidentally coming across spoilers.)
(Heero: It’d be nice to download all my textbooks into MY head.)
(Caroline: Well, that kind of surgery is possible, but I’m probably the only one in this hospital who’d know how to do it.)
(Both: …. HAHAHAHAHA!!)
(Heero: I’m very much content with the brain I’ve got, thank you.)
(Caroline: Oh, that was great!  Haha!  *Whispers* Heero, there’s Jack, the homeless man that comes by the hospital every day.  I wish I hadn’t spent my last dollar from today’s allowance on those pretzels.)
(Heero: Nah, I can give him a few dollars.  Hmm, I’ve only got a twenty-dollar bill.)


-Go inside the hospital for change-

-Give him the whole twenty-

-Oh well, I tried.-

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