(Caroline: Sorry, we left in such a hurry, I forgot to ask your name.)
(Serena: It’s Serena.  Thanks for taking me along.)
(Caroline: Of course!  I’m Caroline.  Say, you look a lot like that girl who’s been working at the diner.  ‘Sup with that?)
(Serena: We’re identical twins!  She’s the tough, cool one and I’m the smart one!)
(Caroline: I know that feeling all too well!  I’m the awkward nerd of the bunch.)
(Serena: They just don’t appreciate us, do they?)
(Both: Haha!  Nope, they don’t!)
(Caroline: So, tell me something else about yourself.)


-My favorite color is red-

-I’m honestly not good with the elderly-

-I like to sky dive-

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