(Caroline: I know you, me and even your twin will be like three halves of the same…)
(Serena: ….)
(Caroline: Ok, look; I was trying to make a pun but couldn’t think of one, hahaha!)
(Serena: So, you didn’t just blatantly butcher the number system by accident?)
(Caroline: No, no, it was totally intentional.  Mistakes were made, ok?!  Haha!  Ok so, what should we plan to see next time?)
(Serena: We’re definitely getting a haircut.)
(Caroline: I don’t know.  I like my length, but maybe I’ll just style it up, or just thin it out a tad.)
(Serena: I guess it would be good to let mine grow out a little first, so I have more options to work with.)
(Caroline: Good idea.  So, why did you move to Payleton anyway?)

-My sister and I like to travel.-

-I’d rather not say, ok?!-

-For the money, you know.-

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