(Caroline: *Laughing uncontrollably*)
(Serena: Is it really that funny?)
(Caroline: YES!!!)
(Serena: “Where you’re the stuff.”  Can’t be more direct than that.  Look, I know this hot topic has your eyes glued, but I don’t think we should stick around.)
(Caroline: Haha!  Stop it, Serena! That’s not fair!)
(Serena: So, I’m stuck on the subject.  I can’t help it if it sticks in my mind.  We should get this on tape.)
(Caroline: Switching hobbies, are we?  Hahaha!  Ok, so what are we doing?)
(Serena: Sticking around.)
(Caroline: Ugh, haha!  I mean, what are we going to do, since we’re finally here?)

(Serena: Well, I guess the only thing to do with the time we have is go inside the bank.)
(Caroline: Ooooooh, *sigh* that was just lovely.  Yeah, I guess you’re right.  But what if they try to hassle us into starting an account?)
(Serena: Or hire us ’cause we’re gorgeous!)
(Caroline: Eh, we can come back later.  It’s the laughing and adventure I enjoy.)
(Serena: Oh, definitely!  Same here, cyber sister!)
(Carolina: HAHAHAHA!  Besides, I’m actually IN the city, so I feel like my day is made.)
(Serena: As made as lemonade!)
(Carolina: Stop talking, punk!  Haha!)

-Hey, do I actually see a hair salon over there?-

-We could always just tell Mrs. Haywood we’ll be late.-

-Yeah, Mrs. Haywood’s a really sweet lady. I wouldn’t want to hurt her feelings by being late.-

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